Protection of Personal Data

As Brightstar Marble & Quarry, we ensure the protection, processing and transfer of personal data as the data controller. We carry out this process by taking advantage of the strictly specified provisions in the Personal Data Protection Law, in the stages of obtaining, storing, using and protecting personal data.

We process people’s identity information, contact information, financial information, visual and audio information and other information in a way that their rights are not harmed. We share our PDPA policy in order to inform people about data protection and other stages and to understand the policy determined by our company in this field. Thanks to the points below, you can obtain clear information about how your personal data is protected and the status of its transfer.

Purpose of Protection of Personal Data

As a company that produces marble elements, we protect and process personal data in order to provide better service to our customers. For this purpose, we ensure that the data of people who enter our website, those who apply to us as customers and other people are protected. In this way, we can benefit from data in case of possible disputes and needs.

We protect data in accordance with the law and ensure that the protection is carried out within the period prescribed by law. After the protection period expires, we work to remove or destroy the data. Our other goal in ensuring the protection of data is to communicate more easily with our employees, customers and other people. Including information such as contact and address among the protected personal data allows us to reach those people more easily.

Personal Data Collection Methods

As Brightstar Marble company, we fulfill our responsibilities regarding the collection, protection, processing and transfer of personal data. At this stage, we collect data from different areas and people and ensure that it is stored for a period of time depending on the purpose and need.

We collect data by two methods, automatic or non-automatic. Areas where we automatically collect data include our website, cookie data, IP records, web browsers, user names and passwords, sales channels and campaigns.

The non-automatic areas we use to collect personal data are as follows: Our company, our employees, our production facility, our suppliers, our employees, our company officials, business cards, resumes, job applications, registration forms, our job candidates and our business partners.

Basic Principles for Processing Personal Data

We process the data of our employees, prospective employees, business partners and other persons in accordance with the rules. In this regard, we ensure that the principles determined by the PDPA law are at the forefront. The first of the basic principles adopted by our company for the processing of personal data is compliance with the law.

In addition to compliance with the law, our basic principles include transparency, honesty, accuracy, openness and up-to-dateness. In addition to these basic principles, it is also a principle we adopt that when data is used for a purpose, it must be suitable for that purpose. Our other basic principle is to preserve the data processed for the purpose for the time required. Finally, the basic principle we adopt for the processing of data is legitimacy. In this regard, we attach importance to obtaining the consent of data owners and clearly stating the purpose of data processing.

Conditions for Processing Personal Data

As Brightstar Marble company, we do not process the personal data of our employees, suppliers and business partners without their consent. However, if the conditions determined by the Personal Data Protection Law are met, we process personal data without seeking the consent of the data owners.

Our conditions for processing personal data without consent are as follows;

Processing of personal data is clearly stated in the law
Data processing has become mandatory for individuals or companies to exercise a right
Individuals’ personal data have been made public by data owners
In the obligation to fulfill legal obligations
In case there are persons who are unable to give their consent for the processing of data
In addition, we process personal data in order to protect the interests of our company.

Conditions for Transfer of Personal Data

As a company, we not only protect the personal data of our employees, company officials, business partners and other people, but also transfer them when necessary. We make the transfer to third parties only if the conditions specified by law are met.

Our conditions for processing personal data without consent are as follows;

Consent of the data owner
Being included in the law
When my data transfer is necessary to protect a right
When there is an event that affects the lives of the data owner or other people
If the data owner has made his personal data public
In case of legal transactions of the company
When data transfer is required depending on the contract

When these conditions are met, we transfer personal data to our business partners, authorized institutions, suppliers and legally authorized natural or legal persons.

Personal Data Owners

Depending on the Personal Data Protection Law, natural persons can benefit from the right to protection of personal data. Persons who have the right to protection of their personal data are specified in Article 3 of the law. For this reason, we ensure that the data of the real persons within our company and with whom we do business are protected and processed.

As Brightstar Marble, the people for whom we provide personal data protection are as follows;

Company employees
Business partners and shareholders
Company customers
Company shareholders
Company officials
potential customers
Group company customers
Employee candidates
third parties
Business partners, whose personal data we ensure protection for, include everyone who has a business relationship with our Brightstar Marble company. It is our company’s initiative to protect the data after the business relationship with these people ends and from the moment the data is no longer needed, unless a date has been determined.

Classification of Personal Data

We carry out our data responsibility in accordance with PDPA and in order to eliminate confusion. For this purpose, we classify the data we protect.

As Brightstar Marble, the people for whom we provide personal data protection are as follows;

Identity information (name, surname, nationality, and date of birth, etc. information)
Contact information (phone, address, email)
Financial information (iban number, bank card information, etc.)
Transaction security information (password and username information of the company and employees)
Physical location information (venue entrances, camera recordings, etc.)
Special personal information (religion, sect, clothing, etc.)
Legal transaction information (information about the company’s receivables and debts)
Location information (company vehicle location information)
Family members and close information (identity, contact)
Visual and audio information (audio, camera and photo recordings)
In addition, personal data, requests, complaints and risk management data are also included in the classification of personal data.

Security of Personal Data

As Brightstar Marbledata controller company, we ensure the security of the data of people whose personal data we have the right to protect and process. As a company, we take technical measures to ensure the security of personal data. In order to ensure data security, we renew security controls and activities in accordance with the legislation. In this way, we can store the data of our employees, interns and partners more securely.

In addition to preventing personal data from being lost, we also prevent errors from being used incorrectly. We also work to ensure that the information contained in personal data is not changed. However, as Brightstar Marble, as the data controller, we cannot guarantee that data flows over the internet will be secure. For this reason, we want people to ensure that their passwords are difficult to determine and that they attach importance to their privacy in order to avoid losing their data.

Storage and Destruction of Personal Data

As Brightstar Marble company, we keep the personal data of people who work within our company and have business partnerships for certain periods of time in accordance with the legislation determined by law. We ensure that the data is destroyed when the need for this data ceases or the retention period expires. Thus, we end the storage process.

If the storage period is not determined during the protection of personal data, we store it at our company’s discretion until the need ceases. Once this period is completed, we carry out destruction efforts to eliminate the data. In addition, we keep personal data for a certain period of time in order to resolve disputes that may arise as a company and to present it as legal evidence.

Rights of Data Owners

Employees and business partners affiliated with our Brightstar Marble company have rights. They obtain these rights thanks to Article 11 of the Personal Data Protection Law (PDPL) and can make requests based on these rights.

The rights of data owners are as follows;

Requesting information about processed personal data
Requesting the processing of personal data by our company
Learning the usage status of personal data processed by our company
Learning with whom the personal data shared by our company is shared
Request correction and change of personal data processed incorrectly or incompletely
Requesting the deletion of personal data processed by our company
You can obtain the right to use the rights and requests we have specified by sending them to us via our address​​​​​​

Situations Where Data Owners Cannot Make Claims

In the transfer, processing and other cases of personal data protected by our company, data owners may generally wish to benefit from the rights they have. However, in some cases, it is not possible for people to make a claim if their personal data is used.

The first of these situations is that personal data is used for situations such as criminal investigation, prosecution and trial. Apart from this, people cannot claim rights if the data is used to prevent crime. In addition, they cannot claim rights in cases where data is used to ensure the security of the nation, protect public order and ensure public security.

Finally, people whose personal data have been used in cases such as revealing the financial interests and economic situation of the state cannot claim rights. For these reasons, they cannot disagree with our company.

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