Mugla White Marble Shower Design

A Mugla white marble shower enclosure brings freshness, beauty, and luminosity to the bathroom. This option will increase the clarity of the room elevating the visual quality independently if the room receives a lot of natural light or if artificial lightening is needed.

Whether, or if we have to resort to extra artificial light, this option will increase the clarity raising the visual quality of the room.

In large formats, it is common to see classic marble coverings such as the well-known Mugla White Marble. These are exquisite marbles, although not translucent, and are found in designs in which the creator did not require the crystalline component.

However, other types of white marbles of great beauty integrate crystalline bases or fragments and offer many possibilities from an aesthetic point of view.


This dolomitic marble presents a translucent polar white background crisscrossed by lively crystalline veins with pale yellow, green, and pink shades.

As we see in the header image, Mugla White marble can turn any conventional place into a neat, crisp, and tidy room. The space grows with the bearing of this natural stone due to its candid appearance.

This white marble shower, also in Mugla White, is an example of how well this natural stone fits in large format projects where light plays a predominant role.

In this other image, we can appreciate in detail the translucent waters generated by Mugla White.  The bathroom space becomes limpid and pristine while transmitting purity and a sense of well-being.

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