How to repair damaged marble

When we repair damaged marble, it is because we have a surface that has deteriorated due to the passage of time, misuse or due to other external causes.

A terrace covered with marble suffers day after day the sun rays, rain or humidity, frost, wind, etc. An interior room with marble walls or floors can be affected by humidity in the structure. Or simply after a home renovation, the owner can discover that a stone not suitable for the use to which it is going to be submitted has been installed.

Each problem has an origin that must be detected and a corresponding solution. This is the reason why, you should work with professional team. Let’s see some examples.


In this case, yellow spots appeared on the Mugla White marble cladding of the floor due to a leak. This is happening because natural stone is affected by the appearance of fungi and bacteria that thrive in environments with uncontrolled humidity.

We concluded that these stains express a pathology and that it was necessary to repair the damaged marble  through recovery actions.

A renovation team must do the following steps to correct the pathology:

Elimination of moisture leakage by sealing the drain properly.
Treatment of the stone with respectful and non-corrosive marble products for the recovery of its original appearance.
Mechanical polishing of the treated area to return the desired finish to the client.

After a preliminary study, concluded that in this case, a renewal strategy had to be carried out. The level of deterioration of the surface did not allow to return the original appearance. For this reason, we chose a series of actions that, changing the texture and finish of the stone, ensured an extraordinary improvement in its aesthetics, giving it a healthy and beautiful appearance.

To repair damaged marble do the following steps to achieve the goal:

Roughing and pasting of joints in situ to recover superficial alterations aesthetically.
Fine hammered in situ (no need to move the marble to the factory) to completely renew the finish and aesthetics of the surface.
Oleo-Hydrophobic treatment to protect to the maximum an area that due to its level of useage and its location is exposed to the transit of people and meteorological agents.


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