Cleaning a marble floor terrace after construction work or renovation

Cleaning a marble floor terrace after construction work or renovation is usually underestimated. If we want the floor to remain beautiful and healthy, we must involve a natural stone care specialist.

We are not talking about a mere sanitation of the stone. A classic domestic cleaning does not work. We must ask an expert to carry out the commissioning of the marble floor.


The process to put the marble into operational use again typically consists of two different phases: the first one focuses on sanitation, and the second on prevention.

+ Sanitization

When we carry out a construction project or renovation, harmful substances adhere to the marble. Depending on the type of natural stone these agents are removed from each surface in a different way. Inadequate management of the commissioning process (not to say a domestic cleaning) can damage the natural stone irreversibly.

+ Prevention

The prevention phase involves a study of the use that will be given to the surface. The specialist forecasts the volume of foot traffic in the area.   In addition, he analyzes the location indoors or outdoors as well as weather related factors or if the marble is close to humidity sources such as a swimming pool or bathtub. Depending on each case, the stone is treated in order to keep it healthy and to avoid possible pathologies. A maintenance protocol is proposed to be carried out regularly by the property owner.


The terrace floor we see in the pictures is made of Atenea White marble; an elegant cream-white stone subtly marked by soft grey veins.

The finish applied is called ZERO, very similar to a fine sandblasting, which achieves a non-slip texture that also enhances the marble’s beauty.

When the construction work was finished, the substances incrusted on the surface had to be eliminated. We used a textured brushing to remove the remainings of the construction work adhered to the stone without damaging it.

Additionally, we carried out preventive treatment to avoid humidity as the floor surrounds a swimming pool.  We applied a 2-layer Oil-waterproof treatment to prevent water filtration from the surface.

Finally, our specialist provided to the property owner a protocol for cleaning and maintaining the surface and the recommended products as well as products to avoid for the care of this floor.

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